What to Look for in Motorcycle Boots in 2017

The importance of choosing the right motorcycle boots is often overlooked by bikers. The footwear they have on plays a large role in their comfort and safety. Both feet and ankles are fragile and highly susceptible to injury. The reason for wearing motorcycle boots is to provide adequate coverage for both of these areas. A rider should never purchase a shoe that doesn’t cover their ankles, even if it is labeled as a “motorcycle shoe.”

The feet are not always on the pedals regardless of the type of riding the biker will be doing. At the very least, they will be on the ground when stopped at traffic lights and when starting and stopping. That means that one foot will be supporting the weight of the entire bike and that of the biker. Even sitting still, a biker needs a boot that is made for optimal support.

The level of protection needed will depend on the type of riding the biker will be doing. For those who participate in adventure riding or motocross will need the greatest level of protection. Boots designed for these more aggressive sports have built-in components that protect the areas most vulnerable to injury.

Motorcycle boots need to be waterproof and have tread that will give the wearer a good grip on the pedals and pavement. Some additional features to consider include whether the sole is glued or sewn on and whether parts like insoles or toe sliders can be replaced when needed. Seams should be double-stitched at a minimum and steel toes and molded ankles and heels for crash protection.

Years of research have gone into the development of motorcycle boots, resulting in those that are made with the most protective features and fabrics that resist water and oil. While any motorcycle boot is preferred to a pair of casual shoes that don’t offer any of these protections, making a careful choice could be what protects the rider when a crash happens.

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