Motorcycle Tips for Newbie Bikers

Even lifelong bikers had to start with their first motorcycle and many learned from their mistakes. The sense of freedom that bikers love so much can be the cause of their overlooking the need for taking safety precautions. Some feel that it is a sign of weakness to follow commonsense rules that will prevent them from being injured. Once the unthinkable happens, they may find too late that a few precautions are well worth the effort.

Invest in Quality Motorcycle Gear

Jumping on a new bike in denim cutoffs and flip-flops just to ride around the block might not seem like a big risk, but there is no such thing as a minor accident on a motorcycle. Sliding over pavement at high speeds can cause serious levels of road rash, broken bones, and other damages to the biker’s body.

New materials and processes have been developed to make motorcycle clothing safer and more comfortable than ever. Some brands are more affordable than others but quality should be the biker’s first consideration. If they can afford to invest in a new motorcycle, they should invest in the safety clothing and gear they need to protect them while they ride.

Get Familiar with the Motorcycle Laws of the Land

Bikers have to learn the local laws that apply to motorcycle riders in order to get their license, but they also need to become familiar with those of the states that they will be riding through. Laws vary by state and disobeying them can result in serious fines and penalties on insurance coverage.

Never Stop Learning

A biker who thinks they know everything there is to know about riding a motorcycle is more likely to end up in trouble when they are on the road. Riding takes skills and those can always be improved to make riding more enjoyable and safer.

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