Motorcycle Jackets vs Overalls: Which Is Better?

Motorcycle jackets, pants, and suits are all types of clothing to protect bikers from losing skin, getting broken bones, and damaging other parts of their bodies. In general, the thicker and stronger the material is that the garment is made from and the more skin it covers, the better it will be at protecting the rider. Specially designed motorcycle clothing is made from fabrics that keep water out, let the body breathe, and have armor to cover joints.

The same thing can be accomplished by wearing motorcycle pants and jackets as with a one-piece suit or coveralls since both cover the entire body. That isn’t to say that a lightweight leather jacket that is made for casual wear and a pair of jeans will suffice. The goal of the rider should be to get the greatest possible protection from all of their gear and that includes keeping the body ventilated and cool.

Many bikers love the feel of overalls on a bike and like the fact that there is no gap in protection between the two garments. For others, the suit loses its appeal once they are off the bike. There is definitely more convenience from a two piece set when it comes to putting it on and taking it off unless the buyer purchases the right suit that is made to remove with ease. Trying on overalls before buying is the only way to determine if they will fit the bikers riding style.

For bikers who are into competition, a one-piece is definitely the right choice. A suit will provide total comfort and safety in situations where spills are more likely to take place. A suit with a waterproof outer shell is also a good choice for riding in wet climates. Just make sure the zippers are specially treated to keep water out effectively.

The choice between motorcycle jackets and overalls goes beyond personal taste. Any time a biker is choosing motorcycle clothing, comfort and safety should be the top considerations.

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